Over the years we brought beautiful music to celebrate with eindhoven many many birthdays, weddings, special occasions and most times we said why not today. Thanks to technology we have collected many of these memories.

We kick off the 60 years celebration with an exhibition.

Come reminisce with us as we share our fondest memories. If you are lucky, you may hear us play some music as well.


As well as the tunas know to make beautiful memories, we really know how to paarttyy!!! So we start the Tuna Festival 2024 with a kick as party on our home ground the TU/e of course.

Join us for some drinks and amazing spanish music.


On the first day of Tuna Festival 2024 you will find tunas spreading spanish alegrias around the centrum of Eindhoven as they make their way to the official opening ceremony of the festival.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to hear tunas from all over the world show off their skills

Opening Ceremony

Participants gather in Muziekgebouw for the festival opening and dinner.

The mayor of Eindhoven will be opening the festival.

As the dinner ends, we move to party to the city center!!!


During their journey into becoming tunos, new members of tunas learn and inherit the traditions of their tuna. As such, to mark this transition new members are baptised and we in Eindhoven take this very seriously 😉


Performances are the hot spot of the festival. All the participating tunas show off their skills during these stage performances competing to find out who among them is the best. Curious to find out who’s the best?

Come join us and enjoy the tunas perform on stage.

Admission is free and open for all ages. 

We have judges watching every move of the tunas. The winners will be crowned champions during the award ceremony at the end of the day.


On sunday, tunas of Eindhoven and their friends get togther for an afternoon filled with music.

Would you like to know more about joining this event? Reach out to us at