Tuna Femenina Sevilla

The Tuna Femenina Universitaria de Sevilla was born in 2014 as a group of friends who were curious
about the world of Tuna, the idea of grouping music, friendship, culture and travel among many other
things in the same activity made them love more and more this tradition and little by little become a
We took our first steps hand in hand with the Tuna Femenina Universitaria de Salamanca, we learned
from them and they accompanied and helped us until in 2017, when we left behind the novataje to walk
alone and to grow more and more in our city. Every year (since 2019) we are part of events such as the
Immaculada, the more important night for the Tunas, or the Certamen de Distrito Universitario de
Sevilla, along with the other 13 tunas of Seville.

Since 2014 we have not stopped growing, in 2019 we were lucky to be in Eindhoven, and after a small
-and pandemic- pause, we have continued in certámenes such as Cazorla 2022 and in the Tunas
Femeninas de Almería meeting (and which we organize in Sevilla in 2024).